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Impactful Branding and Continued ROI for Urgent Care

Whether your practice is well-established or just opening, if you have existing social media/online marketing or have little expertise with these evolving platforms, IntelaMobile will design a powerful, customized and all-encompassing SMM program for you. We can seamlessly build on and/or enhance your existing SEM, SEO and web presence, or create a unique and powerful branding mechanism for explosive patient visitation and ROI.

Increased Patient Visits and Retention

We are uniquely qualified to deliver an array of future-forward technologies, working together in one master eco-system, and orchestrate them for dynamic impact on increased UC walk-in traffic and greatly improve patient visitation rates. Incremental visit-volume and spend per patient is a byproduct, by way of increased awareness of value added services provided by individual centers.

The IntelaMobile Proven Process
- We do it all for you & your staff...

Each Urgent Care center has its own unique challenges as it relates to social media and online marketing. Some centers may have dedicated personnel to guide and help implement marketing strategies, while some will not. IntelaMobile’s proven process will design the best overall strategy, accounting for the nuances of each center and their staff, to deliver the best possible results and full tracking for real-time course correction.

The IntelaMobile Strategy for Your UC Practice - Professionalize Your Web Presence

Effectively marketing and promotion of your center’s advantages to targeted local residents through SMM is both an art and a science. Our team begins by going to the source; you and your core staff. We need your intimate knowledge of your practice, the current status of your presence/marketing, your internal procedures and your projections of where you want and need to be.

From there, our team, with expertise in all aspects of SMM/Online marketing, coupled with many years of marketing and sales experience within the UC arena, will design a customized POA for your entry into a dynamic and productive SMM & Web experience.

Finally, we offer full response protocol system training and/or outsourced process designed to ensure best possible ROI in realizing increased patient visits and patient retention.

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