Social Medial Marketing

Impactful Platforms for B2B & B2C

Our area of expertise is crafting digital strategies for businesses. We set up and initiate a digital ad system that targets businesses and decision maker prospects who are often looking for what you have to offer, and are in a “ready to buy status”. We have designed proven processes; that have been achieving outstanding results.

We generate a high volume of inquiries, both from people looking for your competitors and/or the services or products you provide. Through proprietary analytic tracking of this data, we determine the best possible prospects for marketing for any individual client. This allows us to optimize each campaign to ensure our resources and our clients funding is invested wisely and returns a highly profitable ROI.

Customer acquisition is the focus and profitable result of our LDO B2B marketing and our various B2C programs. Ask about IntelaMobile TeleMarketing and TeleSales platforms for extended customer retention, relationship building and continued revenue streams Consider IntelaMobile as your dynamic outsourced marketing and sales team.


LinkedIn Direct Outreach

Customized Solution for Innovative & Effective B2B SMM

Our program is individualized for optimum impact in reaching exactly the business contacts you need in precisely the manner that will be most effective for you. Never in-your-face advertising; always designed to effectively engage your target prospects.

Our LDO services MAY be broken out individually, but we recommend a more comprehensive strategy that is structured yet flexible, so to gain from best practices and avoid duplication of effort or ad spend.

Each client will be evaluated up-front, with their unique industry considerations, to craft the best local/regional or nationwide marketing plan, designed for your individual business needs.


  • Discovery session with client key players and IntelaMobile team.
  • Comprehensive strategic plan of action and customization

Set up and Implementation

  • Personalized landing page
  • Retargeting and tracking pixel
  • Tracking & verifying of inquiries
  • Connections & automated processes between Landing Page, LinkedIn profile/sales navigator, etc.
  • Optimization & integration of automated email campaigns to responsive prospects for continued personal preference marketing

Scalable and Sustainable Management

  • Access to our proprietary automated LinkedIn software 
  • Full management of automated campaigns 
  • Full management of follow-up email campaigns
  • Ongoing optimization of targeting based on initial set-up
  • Ongoing optimization of messaging based or response rate and inquiries rate

From Targeting through Engagement
to Customer Acquisition & Retention


Social Media B2C Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more

Customer engagement and relationship building through Social Media is now established as an essential component for successful branding and sales within a wide spectrum of industries. Each business channel requires unique considerations for maximizing SMM impact and ROI. We have designed distinctive SMM packages inclusive of the technologies and services needed for small and larger businesses.

Customized Solutions for Your Business

Services may be broken out individually by type, but we recommend a more holistic approach with a comprehensive strategy that is structured yet flexible. The resulting best practices will avoid duplication of effort or ad spends. Each client will be evaluated up-front, with their unique industry considerations, to craft the best local/regional or nationwide marketing plan.

Our Process

IntelaMobile offers a complete platform beginning with targeting the best possible prospects, cultivating their interest through personal preference marketing, incentivizing their initial interactions and purchases, through to ongoing customer acquisition and retention.

Consultation - Comprehensive strategy session with your team

Design - Our team customizes a program to meet your needs

Implementation - Enacting a proactive marketing/sales paradigm

Measurement - Continuing evolving program for maximizing ROI

Management - Each phase of our program is managed by IntelaMobile

Customer Acquisition & Retention - IntelaMobile offers sales management and customer relationship management for extended ROI and continued revenues for clients when appropriate. These services can be retained on an evolving performance basis.

Result Driven Customer Service

Email & Phone Support

     Transparent ROI Reporting

             Regular Performance Reporting

Internet Marketing Services

Dynamic Outcomes though Innovative Solutions

We offer Social Media Packages that can include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, & Pinterest. Each can provide a wide variety of the design, implementation and management of the services listed such as in the Facebook services here:

Facebook Management

Facebook Posts

Update cover photo monthly

Page verification

Call Tracking Management

Event Promotion

Boosting budget allowance

Custom Graphics

Coordinate photos

Brand Monitoring

Facebook Advertising

Promotional Offers

Geo Targeted Ads

Lead Gen for Newsletter

Look-A-Like Audience Creation

Google tag mgr. Implementation

Graphic Display Ads

Retargeting Campaigns

Ad Split Testing

Instagram Ads


Packages Designed for Your Business Channel

IntelaMobile understands that each business channel requires unique considerations for strategizing and customizing the technologies and services we provide for Social Media Marketing. These programs are relevant and applicable to a large number of industries and business channels. We have experience in and have illustrated platforms that we offer for the business types listed here. Look for many more to come, including yours. Click to see details on two featured platforms: