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Providing all needed to propel your new mobile engagement platforms - Sales and marketing for you....

IntelaMobile will consult with you to design the best possible BFT package or individual technologies solution to satisfy your unique challenges. We are always focused on a robust and extended ROI.

Once your new platform is launched our client sales assistance program, or IntelaSales, is ready to support your internal sales and marketing team and/or be positioned as your outsourced “sales division” in order to make certain you realize optimum sponsorship and affiliate participation and secure the long-term revenues the BFT technologies and apps are designed to capture.

  Direct Sales Programs - for YOUR Ancillary Revenues

For Stadium and Arena Management, Pro/College Sports Teams, Event Promotors, Concert Promotors, and Convention/Show Coordinators IntelaSales will design a program to manage successful sponsor acquisition for your new mobile engagement platforms.

This can include direct marketing and sales, on your behalf, to your past and current sponsors and through the referrals you provide for any affiliated or prospect sponsorships.

Our programs are all phone and correspondence based processes with transparent contact management designed to be maintained and extended by your own internal staff, or outsourced to IntelaSales for continued direct sales and management, as you prefer. Contact us for details

Sales Team Training Programs Option

IntelaSales also has advanced training programs for your sales team designed to provide all needed to enhance your own internal marketing and sales base on your existing platforms and processes. Contact us for details


  Innovative Marketing Platform; BFT’s FlexDex

FlexDex is an advanced presentation platform allowing for IntelaSales to effectively promote your new BFT mobile engagement platforms and apps to prospective sponsors. It also functions as a tracking CRM allowing for marketing effectiveness analytics. See a sample demo here.

FlexDex is available as a stand-alone product, to be customized for enhancing any client‘s internal marketing and sales processes. Upload all of your products, services and offerings for effective presentation and marketing to your existing and prospective clients. Innovative programing, organized and trackable as a CRM tool for your sales team. Contact us for details and a demonstration.


IntelaSales Additional Services

In addition to the direct sales services offered on this site by IntelaMobile, our management has over 30 years of successful professional B2B telesales and marketing experience in a variety of spectrums. IntelaSales is the manifestation of these successes and through our staff and many close associations continues to produce successful campaigns today for clients directly in Medical, Advertising and Publishing via consulting and telesales, direct mail and email broadcasting.

For information on how IntelaSales can service your needs direct sales and marketing needs beyond Mobile Engagement, contact us today. Look for the launch of our new website at in Early 2017.