Kevin Many
IntelaMobile, Founder
BeachFront Technologies, Sales Director

Kevin has a long and successful history in medical product/services direct sales and marketing spanning over 4 decades. He has held various positions ranging from Ownership, Partnership, Managing Director, and National Sales/Marketing Director through to his own direct personal sales. He has designed, initiated, and evolved Direct Sales Platforms and Processes and managed executive level personnel throughout his career.

Since leaving a 16-year long Managing Sales/Marketing Director position in the late 90‘s with Royce Medical (now Ossur) in CA, Kevin has partnered in and owned a number of companies, all related to direct professional B2B sales and marketing. They include Old River Corp.; 99-01 (Financial Transactions/Bank Debentures), Trans-I-Corp 2001-06 (an ISO with Medical clients, as well as Mortgage, Computer Servicing, etc.), TeleForce; 2006-07 (ISO, Medical Clients), and more recently Direct Marketing Gold and Strong Now; 2007-15 - all located in southern CA.

His early career success as Managing Sales Director with Royce from the early 80’s until well into the 90’s, served as a template for a continued management vision that has been applied successfully through to today, with IntelaMobile and its UC ProMark division.

Since relocating to NJ in late 2007, in addition to directing and the ownership of companies noted, Kevin has also worked in ongoing management and sales consulting with a number of successful firms including: TLC Medical, CA; Advantage Promotions NC; Skinny News & Weight Loss Buddy, NJ; and BeachFront Technologies in GA along with various Call and Outsourcing Centers in India and the Philippines.

Finally, and most significantly, consulting and working with BeachFront Technologies over the last 3 years, Kevin’s relationship with the company and the CEO, Andrea Busse has propelled IMs’ exceptional positioning within the mobile engagement technology channel.

Kevin has always sought to create a challenging and inclusive environment for all office and sales staff. Client’s ROI successes are a byproduct of involved, motivated and passionate team members - the process needs to be energizing, fun, and push one’s creative limits - or simply, we should all go do something else. IntelaMobile’s persona will always exemplify all of this and more.

Andrea Beach
CEO, BeachFront Technologies (BFT)

Andrea Beach represents the most valuable asset IntelaMobile could hope to have in providing mobile engagement solutions for our clientele. Andrea is a global authority in mobile technologies that evoke action from consumers. Consistently out-innovating the marketplace as CEO of BeachFront Technologies, a global powerhouse that acts as an outsourced mobile strategy, development, and execution arm for major brands and agencies alike, Beach continues to push the boundaries for more meaningful interactions that delight both brands and consumers every time.

Through her leadership, BFT boasts a global war chest of mobile technologies designed to enhance consumer to brand engagement down to an audience of one. Her knowledge of mobile technology combined with her understanding of mobile-driven consumer behavior has made her well-known and respected for successfully creating out-of-the-box mobile experiences, driving immeasurable consumer action for some of the worlds most recognized brands such as Ford, Coca-Cola, NASA, AT&T, UPS, and SONY.

Since founding the company in 2004, she and her company have been globally recognized with numerous awards from Tech Crunch Corp., Trends Global, Wired Magazine, and was recently named ‘Most Powerful Female Tech Exec’ by Technology Review for 2013. Proudly WMBE certified, she also pioneered the first mobile platform capable of sending mobile communications world-wide in over 200 languages and dialects and was recently awarded ‘Mobile Marketer of the Year’ at the Tech Marketing Awards.

Believing that the future is multiple technologies working in concert to better serve the individual consumer and best position the brand for true one-to-one relationships through hyper-personalization and location-based interactivity, Beach mentors a variety of tech start-ups driving this strategic vision and serves on the board for several leading technology partners backed by Google, PayPal, Apple and others.

Caroline Redden
Managing Director, ANInfosec
IntelaMobile; Client Acquisitions: India
IntelaSales; Call Center/Tech Support Outsourcing & Facilitation

Caroline has been continually involved with Kevin for 15 years in providing clients with successful call center programs in mortgage, computer servicing and satellite TV. She has managed telemarketing and telesales teams, directed various outsource backend programs and general managed India call centers and outsourcing centers. Now, with her own company AN Infosec, Caroline continues to facilitate all aspects of outbound B2B call programs, Tech support and promote IntelaMobile mobile technologies to her clients within India and the US.

Greg Kular
Kular Family Trust, On-Line Learning, Greg Kular Ventures
IntelaMobile: Client Acquisitions: Canada, Southeast Asia
IntelaSales; School Fundraising Strategist

Greg has a long and varied successful history as a contact center expert in start-up companies and campaigns. Additionally, he specializes with incubation companies that are ready to go to market either B2C or B2B.

These expertizes alone provides IntelaMobile with a tremendous asset in networking through his vast clientele and relationships for their mobile technology needs. More significantly, Greg’s lifelong passion for benefitting educational platforms in Canada, Australia, the US and Asia is paramount to the successes for IntelaMobile’s upcoming School Fundraising Applications.