Individual Technologies

IntelaMobile features a multitude of BFT proprietary and innovative individual mobile relationship technologies available to our clients. These can be employed individually and/or packaged for integration into your existing apps and technologies, or as components for new and uniquely designed applications to fit your requirements.

BFT develops and designs mobile relationship technologies for a full spectrum of verticals including Hospitality, Medical, Retail, Automotive, Pro Sports, and many others. We have chosen to highlight some popular technologies focused on Venue & Events mobile engagement.

These platforms are always designed to significantly enhance customer/fan/visitor engagement and provide demonstrable & ancillary revenues for our Venue Management, Event Promoters, Artist/concert Promoters and Pro/College Sport Teams, through sponsor branding.

Some of our most popular Venue/Event centric technologies:

Customer & Fan Engagement - Sponsor Branding & Marketing

Cashless Payment

Venues & Events; Stadiums, Arenas, Festivals
Smaller Venues, and much more...

The BFT Cashless Payment System is fitted to your needs. The entire platform can be mobile phone based, or wrist band based or both. We customize the platform for your venue/event based on your needs. LEARN MORE

Social Media Sharing

Venues & Events; Stadiums, Arenas, Festivals, Smaller Venues
before, during and after events

In addition to attendee's individual postings off of our platforms before, during and after events, our technologies enhance the full social media experience.

Leaderboard Integration

No matter the mobile game, we scrub social media platforms, analyze for the appropriate triggers (determine the leader) and then fire them to a JumboTron™ or broadcast them into a web product in real time! These can be fully branded with your sponsor's core messaging.

Media Aggregation

"Social Currency" builds successful brand experiences. Our Social Media Aggregator Boards bring all platform feeds into one interactive and compelling display. Encourage your on-site attendees to engage their social networks and build sponsor branding. Content is shuffled randomly or rotated in a deliberate manner.

Geo-Based Texting & Tracking

Venues & Events; Stadiums, Arenas, Festivals, Smaller Venues
before, during and after events

Tracks event goer's’ geo-location before/during/after an event, heat maps, dwell times, and personalized messages to participants as appropriate.

Sponsors and brands can now provide relevant, timely, location based messaging; when they want it, where they want it and how they want it - all received through personal preference management.

Geo tracking software and heat maps can be used to track consumer patterns, dwell times, etc. which allows the event to push:

Mobile Video/Photo

Venues & Events; Stadiums, Arenas, Festivals, Smaller Venues
before, during and after events

Interactive videos can be professionally recorded and instantly uploaded for social media promotion as events happen.

Participants can take selfies, select a branded digital frame and send to themselves or their network via text or social media. LEARN MORE

Mobile Ticketing

Venues & Events; Stadiums, Arenas, Festivals, Smaller Venues
before and during events...

Mobile Ticketing – Either a pass-through to TicketMaster (3rd parties) or our own Ticketing Engine, this allows for seamless registration and access to venue. BFT can also easily integrate with your existing mobile ticketing - always your option.

Text & Tweet to Screen

Venues & Events; Stadiums, Arenas, Festivals
during events

Great for Awards Shows and various arena events, but may also be used throughout many larger events to appear on screens at each venue or on Totems.


Venues & Events; Stadiums, Arenas, Festivals, Smaller Venue
during events

System controls gate entries as well as VIP vs. GA entry, plus can monitor/ control how many times a person may visit an area (commissary, stage).

YurNext Line Management

Venues & Events; Stadiums, Arenas, Festivals, Smaller Venues
during events

Complete line management solution alerts people when it’s almost their turn, so no standing in line. Will hold their place and grant them more time if needed. Ideal for registrations, experiential stations, in-venue restaurants, etc. Can be completely designed with Sponsor branding.

Staff Tracking

Venues & Events; Stadiums, Arenas, Festivals, Smaller Venues
before and during events

Employees and Day Laborers will be granted different access and be tracked as to arrival/ departure, and where each is allowed to go.


Venues & Events; Stadiums, Arenas, Festivals, Smaller Venues
before and during events

Alert on-site security of real-time problems; notify guests of emergency & how to proceed [construction detour, accidents, crowd control, heat stroke warning, etc.].

Mobile Interactive Gamification

before, during and after events

A mobile participation engine can be included inside any Event App that allows participants to play various Event themed games for a chance to win venue and sponsor or vendor rewards.

Text to Vote/Win

Before, diring and after events

SMS Text acts as the conduit and primary communication mode, and all other pre/diring/post event initiatives are launched. Options abound with this technology, both for online and on-site consumer engement. Battle of the Bands, Choose best product or brand, MVP of the game, best song, favorite players, artists, performance, etc., etc.

Mobile Scratch Off

Before, during and after events

People can enjoy all the fun of scratch-off baseball cards or lottery tickets, but on their own personal mobile device. Rubbing your finger across your mobile screen reveals any sponsor-branded content desired.

Live Video Streaming

During Events

Events or specific activities may be streamed LIVE to fans via their mobile device for free, as part of an upgrade ticket (VIP) or even PPV model for those fans not in attendance. Extended and supplemental content, Twitter scrolls, and other additions may be incorporated. LEARN MORE

Virtual Rap & DJ

Before and During Events

Specialty booth with sponsor-centric back-drop for instant personalized social media uploading, etc. provides participants with an immersive experience where they too can be Jay-Z or Skrillex for a night! The experience can be formatted as either a DJ or RAP EXPERIENCE LEARN MORE

Touchscreen & SmartGlass Interaction

During Events

Any size touchscreen, including full size walls and buildings, may be made intelligent & personalized to the interactions of the participant. If the user has the event app, the screen will sniff their name & other relevant information to serve up dynamic messaging & images.

Smart Glass interaction turns regular glass walls and panels into touchscreen tablets, where video, photos, gaming, and other content may be played with at will and sent to the user’s phone or social media sites.


During Events

A unique and ‘fun’ technology to spice up any event or venue. Event goers, in their moment of ‘cheekiness’ use the E-Confessional to admit their most recent “impurities”. Having entered their Facebook profile and Twitter handle during registration, the E-Confessional may be shared with the appropriate social media posting credentials or maintained within the privacy of that specific event. LEARN MORE



Before and After Events

Geo-Location is our most robust and dependable geo-location software solution. Geo-Location performs all the “heavy lifting” data collection management necessary to power countless other mobile solutions we invent and deploy. Sponsor event centric specials and rewards can last long after events for extended ROI. LEARN MORE