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Revenue Producing Technologies

Wi-Fi Platform
Social Media Marketing &
Online Marketing/Paid Media

Wi-Fi as a Revenue Generator vs.
‘Operational Line-item Expense’

New Service Installations -or-
Enhance your current Wi-Fi System

  • A fraction of standard cost for installs due to our unique business model
  • Extremely fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection every time
  • Highest security available
  • Scalable for any size area and membership volume

Passive Income Streams for Corporate and/or Individual Location Benefit

  • Ad Display, Lead Generation and Sponsorable Content Pays for itself and begins producing Passive Revenues within 3 mos.
  • Ad-serving revenue % for your club on all CPM, CPC campaigns
  • May also be Re-Sold to local sponsors, business promos for Additional Revenues beyond the continued System
  • IntelaMobile direct sales available for securing local advertisers
  • Attribution revenue % on users who originated through your venue

Members Experience; All access plus personalized benefits:

  • Easy one-time only register, auto access from then on
  • Unique discounts, offers, products and services benefits; all directly
    presented through their membership with your club
  • Your club’s events benefits presented in non-intrusive manner.
  • Direct connect to your app/website
  • Personal preferences via data mining are presented for advertiser

IntelaMobile sales services will secure local & regional
advertisers for your location’s benefit, at your option

  • Advertisers, especially those whose demographics match your membership benefit from this captured audience
  • You benefit when they do - ancillary revenues from your members

Already have Wi-Fi installed? - NO PROBLEM!

We’ll simply replace your nodes with our iOT SMART nodes and utilize the rest of your system for little to no downtime and further reduced investment costs.

BeachFront Wi-Fi Servers

  • All communication to and from our server is encrypted by 256-bit SSL connection
  • Our servers provide authentication and ad-serving to BeachFront Wi-Fi Users

Customized for Each Location

  • Back-haul to location
  • Cat 5 Outdoor Cabling
  • BFT Specific Nodes; CPUs custom programs
  • Switchers & Routers
  • Bluebox Antennae & Cloud Portal Network

Custom Platforms:
Social Media Marketing,
Online Marketing/Paid Media

Impactful Branding and Continued ROI for Health Clubs

Whether your location or corporation has existing social media/online marketing or you have little expertise with these evolving platforms, we will design a powerful, customized and all-encompassing SMM program for you. We can seamlessly build on and/or enhance your existing SEM, SEO and web/website presence, or create a unique and powerful branding mechanism for explosive member engagement and acquisition.

Customized Platforms = Powerful Results

IntelaMobile qualified to deliver an array of future-forward technologies, working together in one master eco-system, and orchestrate them for dynamic impact on member engagement, club promotions, your online presence and response rates. Increased awareness of value added products, training, classes and services provided by individual clubs leads to ancillary revenues.

The IntelaMobile Proven Process
- We do it all for you & your staff...

Each club location has its own unique challenges as it relates to social media and online marketing. Some clubs may have dedicated personnel to guide and help implement marketing strategies, while some will not. Independent and/or club in-house professional trainer marketing of their services needs to be considered. IntelaMobile’s proven process will design the best overall strategy, accounting for the nuances of each club and their staff, to deliver the best possible results and full tracking for real-time course correction.

Our comprehensive platform will include a strategic & customized plan of action including:

  • Discovery Session
  • Strategic Plan Report
  • Assembling a Committed Team
  • Initiation Conference with your team
  • Content & Channel Creation
  • Start-Up & Implementation
  • Maintenance and Enhancement
  • Real-time Reporting and Availability

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Social Media & Online Marketing Services
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