BeachFront Technologies
Wi-Fi Platform
Business Packages

“Wi-Fi is no longer an amenity.
It is a required utility.

- TechTrends 2016

“BFT delivers a unique Wi-Fi Solution
- Unlike any other system.”

- Andrea Beach, CEO, BeachFront Technologies

Wi-Fi as a Revenue Generator vs. an ‘Operational Line-item Expense’.

  • Ad Display, Lead Generation and Sponsor Content
  • Pays for itself and begins producing Passive Revenues in the first 3 months
  • May be Re-Sold to local sponsors, business promos for Additional Revenue beyond the continued System Revenues

Passive Income Streams

  • Ad-serving revenue % on all CPM, CPC, CPA campaigns
  • Lead-Generation revenue % on all interest submissions
  • Attribution revenue % on users who originated through your business/venue

Permanent or Temporary Installs Easy for a Wide Variety of Venues

Already have Wi-Fi installed? - NO PROBLEM!

We’ll simply replace your nodes with our iOT SMART nodes and utilize the rest of your system for little to no downtime and further reduced investment costs.

Customized for Each Location

  • Back-haul to location
  • Cat 5 Outdoor Cabling
  • BFT Specific Nodes; CPUs custom programs
  • Switchers & Routers
  • Bluebox Antennae & Cloud Portal Network

BeachFront Wi-Fi Servers

  • All communication to and from our server is encrypted by 256-bit SSL connection
  • Our servers provide authentication and ad-serving to BeachFront Wi-Fi Users

Data Capture and Analytics supported for ALL installs

  • One-Time Log-in ONLY.
  • Heat Maps & Dwell Times
  • Foot Patterns
  • Data Capture on ALL Users
  • Tracks Interests & Behaviors

Easily Identify & Connect

  • Consumers attempting a Wi-Fi connection automatically see a pop-up, asking for their mobile #
  • And instant SMS text delivers them a unique code to enter into the Wi-Fi terms box, along with their acceptance of TCPA
  • The system automatically logs that user into Wi-Fi, not only that location, but any location that has BFT Wi-Fi.
  • All users who originate from your venue will be attributed to you, no matter where they enjoy Wi-Fi. Full tracking & reporting provided.

Competitor Targeting System - Stop Losing Sales to Online Vendors

  • Designed for our customers to combat consumer showrooming and online competitive shopping
  • Know how many customers are shopping for your products or services.
  • Simply specify who your competitors are and you can prompt them with your better services or offers, before they choose someone else.