For Event Marketing Agencies

Agency and Brand Client Challenges

The ever accelerating pace of technology innovation presents a challenge for event marketing agencies and brand clients alike: it is no longer easy to create a memorable and shareable event experience: attendee expectations and preferences are changing quickly.

Agencies that adapt their approach and solutions constantly will thrive in this fast pace environment. Yet we often find that the internal culture, especially within large agencies, does not promote idea sharing and company-wide innovation. Instead we typically find account managers competing with one another, which hinders the organization's ability to keep up with consumer expectations and preferences.

The solution for Event Agencies

Agencies must invest in resources (internal or external) that focus on technology innovation and integration. For the benefit of their clients, these technologies must provide tools to generate leads, engage fans and capture consumer interests that can be turned into highly effective, contextual brand massages and memorable personal experiences.

From the perspective of the end consumer: this focus on future-forward technology integration creates a memorable event experience that will be shared socially with friends and coworkers. Memorable and shareable experiences provide agencies and brand clients with information about consumer preferences, both as a group and as individuals. Ancillary and extended revenues are the result for both clients and agencies.

The Common & Limited Approach

We find that agencies will most often approach point solution vendors to provide new innovations to their event solutions. Examples include vendors for mobile photo & video, push messaging, cashless payments, location based messaging, and gamification… the list goes on and is growing rapidly.

The challenge with partnering with such vendors is data collection and integration. When agencies or brands capture data about consumer actions and preferences, this data drives personalized and contextual messaging, offers and experiences. But, if these innovative systems don’t talk to one another, the data can no longer drive personalized messaging experiences.

BFT’s approach with the “OPTIMUS” Live Event Solution Integration

BFT has worked with fortune 500 brands and their agencies for over a decade acting as a research, development and deployment house for innovative live event technologies. In 2015 we recognized the value of an integrated live event solution

“OPTIMUS” is an entire end-to-end technology suite that incorporates BFT’s most powerful live event solutions providing consumers with memorable, shareable experiences and brands with effective lead generation, fan engagement, personalized interest data on their event attendees and contextual follow up messaging. Learn More OPTIMUS

OPTIMUS vs. the Competition: Full Eco-System Solution and/or Seamless Integration

Unlike other companies in the market today that were built on ONE single aspect or component (i.e.: Security, Cashless Payments, Mobile Ticketing, etc.) the OPTIMUS system is uniquely beneficial to event producers & venue operators because it is an entire eco-system of technologies working seamlessly and purposefully together. OPTIMUS can also allow for clients and agencies to maintain existing vendor relationships, when preferred, and seamlessly integrate with their technologies - a major benefit our major client experiences.

Over the last decade, most of the components have been individually built and deployed for the world’s biggest brands. Since 2015, we’ve have put them all together for maximum impact. Made for either single live events – or – for permanent install, the entire system is modular and configurable to work with existing systems effortlessly.

Unique offerings such as heat maps, dwell times, and personalized messaging sent to each individual attendee. Full reporting, tracking, and analytics that may be fed directly into CRM, turning Big Data into actionable data points and more effective revenue generation. Learn More on BFT Individual Technologies

Helping you bring OPTIMUS to your brand clients

  • Tap into our experience and expand your client’s possibilities
    - Help us understand the legacy technology in play, the client’s goals and budget, and we will provide decades of experience to expand the possibilities for your client. Will we also ensure that the solution you recommend fits within their timeline and budget, and exceeds their revenue expectations and goals. We call this our Atlas session.
  • You present recommendations to your client
    - Our tech team will scope out the details and provide you with wireframes, budget and a timeline. You incorporate this into your presentation to the client. Remember – we like to lay low - or if you prefer, we can be as proactive on your behalf as you wish.
  • We customize and implement
    - Our team handles all aspects of development, integration and support. You focus on your client relationship, enhancing their revenues and winning awards.

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