An Independent Sales Organization - with Optimum Focus!...

What is it that you desire?...professionally that is.

IntelaMobile was founded based on satisfying that simple need. Through decades of successful B2B direct sales experience in various fields in the US, the management at IntelaMobile was always seeking the best possible “commodity” to sell - that is; successful marketing/sales in itself. Every successful business wants more of it, every new company requires it, any economically challenged company must have it.

As we proceed through the second decade of the 21st century, there is no more recognized need for businesses than relating directly and consistently to their own existing and prospective customers in a non-intrusive personalized way. Know more about them, interact with them, inspire and incentivize them and reward them. A company that can provide this with innovative proprietary and customized technologies - and - implement it where and when those customers are is EXACTLY what IntelaMobile wanted to be.

Through our intimate relationship and strategic partnership with BeachFront Technologies (BFT) that is EXACTLY where we are!

The BFT Connection

The Mobile Relationship and Engagement technologies available to IntelaMobile clients are exclusively produced by BeachFront Technologies. LEARN MORE

We feature BFT’s Venue and Event technologies on this site, along with presenting their long experience with Fortune 100-500 companies that allows for full consultation, design, customization and implementation of any unique solution you may require. We can, simply put, satisfy any need.

A tremendous advantage provided by BFT is the ability to implement a fully independent technology system to satisfy any permanent or expansive platform - or - clients can select components of individual technology components and seamlessly incorporate them into existing in-house or vendor systems. This allows for IntelaMobile to understand your needs and package with you, the best possible customized solution for any challenge.


The IntelaMobile Advantage

In addition to receiving the full array of BFT products and design services at superior Partner Rate pricing, IntelaMobile clients realize free consultation, and full customer service from inception through implementation and enhancement of all services.

Additionally, IntelaMobile offers full marketing and sales consulting and services for those clients choosing to take advantage of them.

Venue Management, Concert Promotors, Pro and College Sport Teams and a wide variety of clients benefit tremendously from the focused sales process we will provide for marketing and sales of these new assets to their own sponsors. The ancillary revenues recognized via BFT products and systems are our STRONGEST value point - beyond even the more obvious customer relationship enhancement.

Let IntelaMobile assist your own sales team and/or function as your outsourced sales division with IntelaSales - we will maximize the tremendous added revenues our technologies provides - for YOU. Learn More on IntelaSales..