Clients, Partners & Experience

BeachFront Technologies (BFT) is a custom solutions provider to Fortune 500 Brands and their Agency Partners. For over a decade, BFT has satisfied these major client needs for personalized mobile engagement direct to their customers, fans and audiences. IntelaMobile is now positioned to bring these unique proprietary and innovative solution technologies to our clients.

  • Develops programs based on location, preferences & historical behavior
  • Specializes in combining multiple technologies that work together seamlessly
  • Creates compelling consumer and B2B experiences
  • Provides full tracking metrics to support future brand initiatives

Custom Designed Solutions

Regardless of your industry or expertise: Venue Management, Event Promotions, Hospitality, Medical, Professional Sports, Higher Education and Kids Education, Artist Management, Retail, and on and on...

Bring us your vision for optimum prospect and customer mobile engagement - beyond, far beyond what exists today - you are our ideal client. BFT will consult with you, your tech team, your sales team and/or your current technology vendors and facilitate the process for enhancing and bringing your vision to reality.


Packaged Mobile Solutions

BFT has creatively combined proprietary mobile technologies and platformed those to satisfy the various challenges faced in a variety of channels and verticals. One innovative example of this is provided through BFT’s OptimusTM, a complete software solution for Venues and Live Events Shopping Centers, Theme Parks, Travel and Hospitality; a featured platform for IntelaMobile clients.

BFT’s long-term successful experience in mobile engagement designing for major clients worldwide allows for incorporation of unique programing into packaged solutions seamlessly, to fit your industry’s specific needs.

From these base platforms, we customized easily and produce a one-of-a-kind solution - yours!


Individual Mobile Technologies

Yes, you can select any one or a combination of BFT technologies for integration into your app or mobile engagement programing, and/or purchase them independently for enhancing customer engagement and adding revenues to your bottom line.

IntelaMobile is positioned to provide any and all BFT technologies to our clients. Many of our featured ones are shown here for your review. LEARN MORE